Filipino Sinigang Soup

The other day I discovered this sour and savory soup out of curiosity at our local Filipino restaurant. How have I been missing out on this my entire life is beyond me! As a lover of Thai Tom Yum Gai soup and Chinese sweet and sour soup, Sinigang belongs in my repertoire! I adapted a recipe from here and made a successful first attempt! My Filipino Mr. gave the approval and requests it often now, saying that was one of the best meals I’ve made.


Total Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Ingredients: 3 lbs pork ribs (chopped into 1 in pieces), instead of chopping the ribs before cooking, I cooked ribs whole and chopped after meat fell off the bone – 2 tblsp minced garlic – 1 medium onion, chopped – 1 packet Sinigang tamarind soup mix (found at any Asian market), be sure to read the water to mix ratio on the packet. I had to use 2 packets for the amount of water called in this recipe. – 16 cups water – 1 bok choy, chopped into 1-2 inch slices – 1 daikon radish, chopped into thin round slices (optional garnish) – 1 small tomato, chopped fine. I used 2 small tomatoes because I like the acidity tomatoes provide. – 2 small potatoes, chopped in large chunks – Salt to taste

Directions: 1) Saute ribs, garlic, onions, and salt to taste until brown 2) In a separate large pot, add water, Sinigang soup mix, I like the whole packet but less in more in this case if you don’t want it to be too sour 3) Add tomato, pork, potatoes, and cook for 40 minutes. Add the Bok Choy and radish and cook an additional 10 minutes 4) If you left the pork on the bone like I did, remove the meat and chop now, return to soup and cook 10 more minutes 5) Enjoy! You can eat this straight or over white rice.


Here’s the soup next to my Panang Curry.