Second Trimester Essentials

I’ve made it through the second trimester! Only 3 months to go now so I thought I’d share some of the things that made life a little more comfortable for me lately. Overall, the second trimester was a breeze compared to the first. I pretty much feel like a normal human, I’ve just added a bump into the mix!

1. 2 for $10 H&M tanks are one of my everyday essentials. Perfect for layering and comfortable with a stretchy material these are win-win!



2. Quick chopped salads have been a great go to meal as it’s been a struggle to get all my daily veggies in!



3. A new water bottle that’s easy to sip with one hand has been great when I’m out of the house. I’ve been using the Waterlogged app as a way to track my water intake as well. Helps keep me motivated when I’m tired of so much water!



4. With much to my dismay and dedication I have started to get a few stretch marks on my chest, but the belly is still mark free. I’ve been using this oil and love that it’s all natural and leaves my skin feeling moisturized even after 12 hours. They say it’s genetics, not lotions or oils that determine whether you’ll get stretch marks so I have my mother to thank for my new beauty marks!



5. Prunes my friends! The fate of not going as frequently as I should has doomed my bowels. Just eating 2 a day has helped and when I still needed a little something extra, there’s always Metamucil. One of the less fun sides to being pregnant but it could be worse!



All that’s left is to try and enjoy my last few months with my little coconut inside before his big debut in March. I have two wonderful baby showers to look forward to this next month and I can’t wait to see all my friends and family very soon. Happy new year, cheers to an amazing year of memories and looking forward to what 2015 has to offer!