Hi there!

Photos by KNW Photography

Thanks for visiting! My name is Marina and this blog is a way for me to record my life as it happens and share my memories with you. I’m a firm believer that life is an adventure and occasion to be celebrated. I’m on a journey to find my dream career (which means starting my own small business- yikes!), explore the world, and enjoy the little moments with my family.  Just a few things about me:

>> proud Coast Guard wife

>> total foodie and lover of any flavor ice cream

>> hopeless thrift addict

>> life long wanderluster

>> luxury event coordinator based in San Diego

>> part time assistant booking manager for a DJ company

>> a glass half full kind of girl

>> chronic fashion lover

>> Netflix has a tendency to take over my life when a new season of any favorites comes out

>> magazine hoarder

>>attracted to all things pretty like a moth to a flame

>>have manicure OCD thanks to my nail salon owner mother (you’ll never find me with blank nails)

>> hopeless romantic and daydreamer

>> first time expecting momma! Due March 2015!
I hope you enjoy what you see and follow my journey of treating every day like the occasion it really is.  It really is oh so nice to meet you!



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