Bravo Avocado!




This weeks new recipe is thanks to Martha Stewart Living magazine. It’s super easy, healthy, and actually filling as a meal replacement. I’m actually drinking one right now as I write this, yum! Here’s the recipe, enjoy!

Avocado Mango Smoothie

1/2 an avocado, ginger, lemon juice, honey, 1 cup frozen mango cubes, 1 tsp chia seeds

(I also added a little mango yogurt and water to loosen it a bit, without it’s too thick)



2014 Babe Post

This is the year I have been waiting and planning for most of my adult life. Beginning in middle school I had a timeline in my mind of where I wanted to be at each stage and age of my life. So far, things have worked out exactly to plan, almost too perfectly! By age 17 I had graduated high school. Age 22, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. Age 23, I married the man of my dreams. And this year, as I turn 26 we are planning to start expanding our family from two of us, to more….

I thought about keeping a journal of our experience planning for a family, and then I thought, why not just share it with our friends and family who has expressed how excited they are for us, and is dying to know all the details as well? So here is post one of our story.

Yesterday, I had my IUD removed and was extremely nervous. I made the mistake of reading online forums and saw so many horror stories about extreme pain and cramping for a week! So I went in like a nervous wreck, and the doctor removed it within 30 seconds. No pain. Phew! Just some mild cramping a minute after which went away within 5 minutes. (This was my doctors first time removing an IUD too! She was supervised by another doctor, but that just made me even more of a wreck leading up to the removal!) She finished my physical with my annual pap smear and HPV testing. Other than continuing to pop my prenatal vitamins here’s her advice to be as baby ready as possible:

Eat yogurt, and a lot of it. Helps with healthy uterus and vagina, clears any possible infections and reduces bacteria growth.

Drink tons of fluids, you can never be too hydrated.

Stop eating any fish or seafood. Even fish like salmon which is known to have lower levels of mercury, is still a risk not worth taking in her opinion.

Lower caffeine intake, and reduce alcohol to zero if possible.

This one I thought for sure was a myth, but she set me straight: after sex, place a pillow under my behind and lay at an incline for 3 hours!! After 3 hours is up, wash thoroughly below the belt to avoid any infections since I won’t be using the bathroom immediately after.

If I want to get my body down to a science, she recommended buying a fertility thermometer and record my basal temperatures in order to recognize when I’m ovulating. And at that time, have as much sex as possible.

While all this was a bit overwhelming, it doesn’t sound too difficult. Since the Mr. is deployed, I have 3 months to get my cycle back to normal (haven’t had a period since January 2012!) and stock up on all the nutrients I need in order to be a fertile baby making machine. My new years resolution is also to eat and live a more balance lifestyle. The focus is on eating cleaner, less processed, and more natural. So far, I’m loving it, and it’s been a lifestyle change, not a diet. Much easier to keep up than going cold turkey.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, advice, and questions as this journey begins. I’ll be adding new posts as changes occurs. I just cannot believe I’m finally at this stage in my life where I have a happy marriage and we are both ready to grow our family. Here’s to 2014!


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During the previews at the theater for The Hunger Games, I saw the teaser for Divergent and was instantly interested. I’m lucky enough to have been gifted the trilogy from my Mr. for Christmas and am starting to lose hours in the first book. It’s a great adventurous read if you’re someone like me who is always waiting to pounce on the next big thing in action and adventure books. Check it out!