A Day in Julian

I started to get a travel itch the other weekend, but since we are trying to budget for baby we didn’t want to go too far. The quaint town of Julian caught my eye online as they advertise u-pick apples and some of the best pie around. Just under an hour an a half drive to get there seemed like the perfect day trip. We took the back roads and tried to stay off the highways as much as possible. The scenery changed from desert and ranches into pine trees and rolling hills, and just when you least expect it, the tiny town of Julian, CA pops into view.

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We planned to pick our own apples at the an orchard but they were charging $10 a bag! I wasn’t willing to pay so much for the experience so we just walked around and tasted a few varieties. Many of the orchards were already out of apples for the season so we luckily stumbled upon Volcom Valley Apple Farm which seemed to have plenty left. There was a surprising number of families there to pick apples as well. The parking lot was full!

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After our orchard walk we decided to have lunch in town and walk the 3 block loop that makes up downtown. Full of historic looking shops and the smell of fresh baked apple pies, it was the perfect place to get lost for a few hours. I ended up purchasing a bag of apples that actually looked a little nicer than the ones that remained on the trees for only $5, a much more reasonable price.

Our time in Julian was quick, but fun which was just what we needed before our busy October began. I think we’ll definitely be back next Fall for another day trip to the country.



The Next Chapter

Our time in Hawaii is coming to an end. So far it’s been the perfect getaway (minus the fact I’ve had to work a few hours each day). Be sure to check out all our photos on Instagram #trekwiththeTs. We’ve had a blast exploring hidden beaches and discovering new places all to ourselves, eating a little of everything, fooling around on the family farms, and finding ourselves at the beach at least once a day. One day I will live here and the Mr. will be able to call it home once more.

The next chapter of our lives is starting! This weekend is the first wedding of the season for me and we drive to San Diego on Monday to start setting up our home. I can’t wait to do so many things and explore a whole new area of California. Life can’t get much better right now and I’m damn thankful for all the things we’ve been blessed with. Bring it on!


On the Road to…


Palm Springs! This weekend we are kicking of the wedding season right with a welcome fiesta dinner Friday night and an amazing wedding on Saturday at the one and only Parker Hotel. This will be my first time visiting and am beyond excited. Even though I’m there to work and help make sure everything goes effortlessly, I know I’ll be able to sneak in a few hours of sunshine and spiked lemonade. I’ll do a follow up post next week, stay tuned and happy weekend!


Last minute getaway….

This past weekend was my husbands birthday and up until Wednesday we had no idea what to do with our three day weekend. Thanks to Travelzoo, I stumbled upon a deal at Base Camp Hotels in South Lake Tahoe. AND they accommodate dogs, score! The hotel has a great welcoming and laid back vibe. The decor is a mix of modern-rustic-industrial-camping-snow-chic that I absolutely loved and made it that much easier to get into a vacation mind set. Even better? They focus on being environmentally friendly and use reclaimed wood and energy efficient heaters. They have family rooms that sleep up to eight with really fun bunk beds too! One more thing, okay two, our deal came with wine and smores each night… I mean come on!

Here’s my thoughts on our last minute escape to Lake Tahoe in early November:

-It’s already cold, so dress for 30 degree nights! Layers are your best friend.

-For a great brew and brunch hit up The Keys Cafe. I had a Carmello latte and the sweet potato sandwich with minestrone soup. Definitely a local hidden gem! Dog friendly too, they had water bowls and treats available for pups outside.

-If you’re up for a quick jaunt and great views, I highly recommend hiking Pyramid Peak. It’s a 15 minute drive from South Lake Tahoe, and a piece of cake for us. Cali loved being off leash and while the trail was a bit hard to find at some spots, we eventually meandered back on it just by following the river towards the waterfall at the end of the hike. Less than 1.5 miles and not too steep. It took us about 2 hours with lots of stops to take in the views, and time for Cali to enjoy playing in the water.

-Okay guys, here is where I have to restrain myself because as my husband will gladly tell you, Base Camp Pizza is the best we’ve EVER had. We split a large half BBQ chicken, half Thai chicken pizza. After fully indulging and stuffing ourselves we only had 2 pieces left. The cheese, the sauce, oh my! Like so good… We meant to grab another pizza on our way out of town and forgot because we left before lunch. I’m counting down until I get my hands on some more this winter.

This weekend was a successful getaway and it felt delightfully long. I hope we can take more trips like this before the year is over.