Girls in the City- San Francisco

Here’s a quick recap of what we accomplished in a day in San Francisco:

>> We started our day with a short walk through the Ferry Building, lots of cute little shops and coffee stands in there.

>> Next up was a walk down through Pier 69 and lunch at the famous Boudin Bakery for some clam chowder in a bread bowl.


>>After lunch we meandered our way to Ghiradelli Square for some free chocolate samples and a salted carmel hot chocolate.


>>The classic cable car ride to Union Square was next after a 45 minute wait (on a Monday morning!) But worth the wait for my new to SF travelers.


>>After some shopping downtown we made our way to the most iconic landmark in the area, the Golden Gate Bridge. Lucky us, no fog! (Ahem, I mean marine layer for all of you true northerners).

>>Next up was the thrilling little drive down Lombard Street.

>>We enjoyed dinner in the Mission District and then ended the day with the best view of the city at night from Twin Peaks.


While the trip was short, I think we managed to accomplish everything we wanted to minus a tour of Alcatraz. They were booked a week in advance! San Francisco will always hold a special place in my heart and I look forward to my next adventure in the city.



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